car park patrol services

This is a non-confrontational car parking management service that puts you in total control and can be tailored to individual clients needs.

If you have a car park that would benefit from a daily car parking management service, then our mobile car park Patrol Officers are ideal for you and your business. You will find our service is an effective and efficient way to stop unauthorised car parking on your land. Our mobile service provides you with free of charge uniformed mobile car park patrol officers who patrol your car parking area as and when you require.

The mobile patrol service is one of the most popular services for the following reasons:

  • Word of mouth that unauthorised vehicles will receive a Parking Charge Notice.
  • Deters Theft.
  • Deters Vandalism.
  • Gives your staff and customers peace of mind through the highly visible Car Parking Management Officers.


anpr cameras

ANPR is one of the most popular car park management solutions.

ANPR can be used to manage:

  • Pay & Display car parks
  • Permit Sites
  • Maximum Stay Car Parks
  • Unauthorised Parking
Benefits of using ANPR:

  • Efficient and reliable service, operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • No permanent on site staff required
  • Removes confrontation
  • Uses high tech equipment
  • Reporting facility, can provide useful data on car park usage and customers

How ANPR works:

  • ANPR cameras are placed at the entry/exit points of your car park
  • The cameras capture the details of the vehicles entering and leaving the car park
  • ANPR system detects unauthorised vehicles and send this information to our back office processing system
  • Each case is checked to decide if a PCN is to be issued

3G/4G Technology:

Our ANPR system uses 3G/4G technology which means we do not require and on site server or internet connection.

Whitelist Facility:

Vehicles that you wish to be authorised to park can be placed on our whitelist. The ANPR camera will then exempt them from the parking management in place. Exemptions can be entered for as long as required (one hour to indefinitely).

Our approved operator status enables us to obtain information from DVLA, this then allows us to identify the registered keeper of a vehicle and issue them with a parking charge notice by post, which includes photographic evidence.

The ANPR cameras take good quality images both day and night, providing you with extra security as well as a parking management system.

ANPR can be used in conjunction with our manned patrol services to provide a full parking management service.


Self Ticketing Solution

Northwest Parking offers a FREE self ticketing solution for those wishing to manage their parking problems themselves.

How It Works:

  • We will survey your site and provide our fully approved BPA signs which work as an effective deterrent against unwanted parkers.
  • Simply download our parking app and we will then provide you with a unique login and password.
  • The client photographs the vehicle parked in breach of the agreed terms and conditions clearly shown on the signs.
  • The app will then send all the details to our processing office in real time where the information is fully checked before a Parking Charge Notice is issued through the post to the registered keeper of the vehicle.

Client parking problems solved!

This system removes direct confrontation from you and your staff as there is no Parking Charge Notice fixed to the vehicle, the Parking Charge Notice is sent via the post.

Consequently drivers are now dealing directly with our processing office.

Northwest Parking oversees all administration and management.

We operate a full appeals system and can take action against liable parties through the county court.

This system is extremely effective at reducing unwanted car parking and contraventions can easily be administered by on site staff.

Where can it be used?

Self Ticketing is one of the most popular parking solutions. We work closely with your business to assess your exact requirements.

This car parking management solution is ideal for:

  • Hospitals Car Parks
  • Small residential car parks.
  • Self-managed pay and display car parks.
  • Office Car Parks.
  • Disabled Car Parking Bays.
  • Private Roads.